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Customer Support Manager

Building a digital signage company doesn’t happen without an amazing support team looking after our customers and advocating for continuous improvement on their behalf. Our support team needs a Manager to lead continuous improvement with touch analysis and reduction, next issue avoidance, and perception engineering, to continuously lower customer effort in our day to day interactions. But even more importantly, the leader we hire understands that building self serve portals is what really matters. Are you this person?

If the above sounds like you, and if you love Scrum to organize teams, you work Kanban style, and you use Lean to continuously build, measure and learn, then we have the place for you!

Still with me? Assuming you are... You are a tech geek. You understand software, hardware, and all of the moving parts in between and you get excited if you have to roll your sleeves up and move a few boards around, or figure out just where the zeros and ones are going, and why they aren’t going in the direction they should be. And to publish your findings you are more than comfortable with pushing some HTML into your editor of choice and hacking a few lines of javascript that you cut and pasted from the web to make it move and entertain, just for the fun of it.

You are that digital person that can easily share your technical know how with others. You are a natural communicator, coach, and teacher. You make the complex simple whether in writing or informally presenting on video hangouts.

And let’s face it. Support is all about solving problems. Problems don’t stress you out. You know how to get things done, in the right order, and you are always that person in the room that calmly leads the discussion from problem to solution. You are not an adrenaline junkie looking for the next fire, or worse, making them just to keep things interesting, you don’t take anything personally, you know slow and steady always wins the race.

Added bonuses - you know ZenDesk inside out; you can whip out SLA’s, drive a few events with Triggers, or just wait for time to pass with Automations, and what you can get done with Liquid Markup excites you. You have a whole zen like (pun intended) approach to managing the workflow from Zendesk. And when not in Zendesk you live in G-Suite, move cards with Trello, talk all day long with the teams in HipChat, and when it gets complicated you move from Google Hangout to Hangout to get things done fast.

Did I mention we’re a virtual company? You are comfortable with and motivated by remote work; you have the discipline to self start, self manage, and get one thing done at a time. If you happen to live in the Toronto, Ontario area, or Lenexa, Kansas, that’s another bonus as we have offices in both places for meetups and access to equipment.

At this point you are probably wondering just who are these people? Say no more, here’s a quick video introduction to our story (, how we work ( and how we pay ( Speaking of payment... We are paying an annual base salary of $65,000 to $85,000 depending upon your experience, and you will also participate in the company profit sharing plan and benefits.

How to Apply

Send a short letter, or even better a video, introducing yourself to me at Tell me why you think this job is perfect for you, what get’s you excited about your profession and include a link to your resume, or attach it. Once again, thanks for considering us!