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Product Designer

Harvest is an independent software company making tools that help businesses run more smoothly. For the past 11 years, our customers have relied on our products as a critical part of their day-to-day operations. They’re the reason we’re still in business and our product decisions are driven by their needs.

The Harvest team started as a team of 3 and grew slowly to today’s current total of 51 lovely faces . Though we have an office in NYC, we hire the best people for the job no matter where they may call home. We’ve been working as a remote team since the beginning and we work hard to make sure everyone feels included and heard.

Product Design at Harvest

Whether we’re working to improve an older feature or adding something new, our product design team is responsible for the entire lifecycle of the process. We’re asked to lead customer research, determine areas of improvement or need for new features, design functional solutions, oversee implementation, and make sure our work tells a story. On any given day, we may find ourselves working with any team at Harvest—from customer support and marketing to engineering and ops.

Though keeping our team small has made for meaningful design work, lately we’ve found ourselves stretched thinner than we’d like to be. We feel that an experienced product designer will give us some breathing room and bring some new ideas to the table.

What We’re Looking For
These are the qualities we consider most important in a candidate:

  • Communication. Much of our team collaboration happens in asynchronous, written mediums. Whether you’re sharing design rationale or giving constructive feedback, your words speak their meaning clearly and effectively.
  • Experience. This isn’t an entry level job and your work isn’t theoretical. Your designs have seen real world use by actual humans.
  • Leadership. It’s not enough to bring good ideas to the table. Our designers rally support from their teammates and lead projects to completion.
  • Pragmatism. You’ve got a history of making design decisions that eschew trends, instead focusing on the people who will use your work.
  • Respect. We all come to the table with different worldviews and experiences, but we can debate ideas because we share the goal of shipping the best possible solutions.
  • Humor. We try to have fun together because, after all, it’s just a job.

You’ll notice we didn’t mention:

  • Tools. We don’t care if you’re the kind of designer that mocks things up in a browser or prefers pixel perfect PSDs or Sketch files. The results are what matter.
  • Process. Likewise, we work the way that makes the most sense on a given project. We’re open to new approaches and so are you.

How to Apply

  • Send us an email and say hello!
  • Tell us why working at Harvest appeals to you and what you’d add to the team.
  • Tell us about your work. What are you proud of? What keeps you motivated?
  • Show us something!